A big thank you to Linda O'Brien for creating our beautiful, life-affirming scrolls!

The uplifting words below are chosen for us in our monthly ZOOM service and are offered from the depths of Linda's heart for us all to embrace. 

In the year of 2021

~ ~ February Scroll of the Month ~ ~

Know that...

There are times to hold on for dear life, and times to simply throw up your hands and let go!

Surrenduring doesn't mean that you're yielding to a force outside of yourself.

It means you're allowing your soul to take over.

~ ~ March Scroll of the Month ~ ~

Surrender to Miracles.

Be open to miracles occurring in your life. 

Feel and know that these events are real. 

Let go of any resistance, and banish any doubt that miracles fo happen!

~ ~ April Scroll of the Month ~ ~

Seeing how water flows around rocks and obstacles in a river reminds me of embracing effortlessness in my life. 

I release pushing so hard and move without force.

~ ~ May Scroll of the Month ~ ~

Surrrender the Habit of People-Pleasing.

Speak to your needs and be true to yourself.

Focus on your own happiness instead of always trying to make everyone else happy.