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If you are a current member of Cycles of Spirit you are welcome to advertise your services on this page. 
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Touching in With the Soul, Offering Spiritual Guidance from the Heart.

Insightful Tarot/Rune readings with Rev Kary Hays. These Heart-to-Soul readings offer Spiritual Guidance in working through life circumstances. Also available; readings touching in with the Soul of your human.

The Tarot and the Runes are remarkable tools that Kary uses for illuminating the paths of those who come to her on their journey of awareness.

Tarot, Runes and Spiritual Classes are Rev Kary’s pleasure to share.

Author of “The Mystic Runes” book, and “The Mystic Runes” Card Deck.

Visit The Soul’s Essence LLC at or contact Kary at


SoulCollage®️ Workshops

SoulCollage® is a fun, creative process of using your intuition and imagination to create collaged cards from simple materials: images, scissors, glue, and mat board. Accessible to everyone, even those who believe they have no artistic ability, it allows for easy, artful self-expression.

Rich and compelling, this process will serve you in truly magical ways. Use your cards for simple readings or ask them deep life questions. Your deck can help you with recovery, advise you about challenging moments, and advise you about simply living your life!

Contact Meg Whittle at or visit