Please note that these workshops and classes are not sponsored by the KUUC. Do not contact them with questions, thank you.

Saturday April 25th. 10am-1pm 

"Touchstones in Your Soul" with Rev Sandra Harrick. 

$50 at the door make checks out to Cycles of Spirit 

Register with Sandy: call 603-903-2291

Cycles of Spirit is hosting Sandra Harrick as she shares a most life-transforming workshop: "Touchstones in your Soul". Sandra says: "We all have Golden moments etched in our souls throughout time where Spirit has touched us in subtle or outrageous ways manifesting bonds, change, cross roads, love, and sorrow from past lives. These encounters are quickening moments of truth in our personal development woven with spiritual messages for creating our sense of self in the here and now that have the power for moving forward into now."
"In this workshop we bring you into sacred space to revisit, revive, and release energy, deepening your relationship with spirit by seeing where the past influenced your present as well as creating a truly golden, healing for guidance through your life with a gentle touch of love and wisdom."
Place: The Parish Hall of the Keene Unitarian Universalist Church in Keene, NH
69 Washington St, Keene, NH. For directions go to
Cost: $50 pay at the door, make checks out to Cycles of Spirit.
Register with Sandra at 603 903 2291.
Please do not contact the KUUC, if you have questions call Sandra.


Spiritualism offers a belief in

and an awareness toward a

better way of life and

understanding of the Universe

through Natural Spiritual and

Physical Laws.


Spiritualism teaches personal

responsibility as we are held

accountable for our own

actions and are taught to accept

others' paths without judgment.


Spiritualism shows proof of

the continuity of life through

physical and mental forms of

mediumship, offering healing

through this process.


As we apply Spiritualism as a

core belief system we honor

and invoke the God-force

within and all around us.

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