MISSION STATEMENT

Cycles of Spirit is dedicated to supporting all who come with an open heart in their Spiritual growth toward love, light, peace and connectedness to The Divine I AM Presence of Oneness.


The Spirit of All That Is eternal cycles its energy as it weaves its thread of existence through all creation. Life contains within it a spirit of transformation as its very essence of being. Cycles of this spirit in the continuation of flow is all encompassing and ever changing.

Have you ever tried to stay in one place? It's impossible! The only constant in life IS change.

Each solstice lends way to the next as the seasons' cycle from spring to summer to fall to winter to spring again. Nature weaves its energy through death and rebirth as the cycle of its changing environment adjusts to the rhythm of the Universe. The tides ebb in and out as the moon cycles through its phases. Animals migrate and hibernated intuitively with the cycle that living in the moment brings.

The human spirit comes alive as it realizes its cycle of awakening in all of Creation with the beauty of transformation that life brings. All is Spirit in the I AM Presence of All That Is.

Blessed are WE in this realization.

                         OUR LOGO

The Logo for Cycles of Spirit is the region's majestic Mt Monadnock as reflected in all of its splendor on Perkin's Pond. The eagle soars across the colorful sky as each day begins and ends in its cycles. The Sunflower on one side is the emblem for Spiritualism and the pond lily on the other side is symbolic of rising through the murky waters and blosoming into our fullness of being.
                        The Sunflower


The seed of the Sunflower begins its new life resting in the bosom of the Earth Mother. Peeking through a crack the seed slowly emerges from its confines of a shell, grounds itself for the journey, and makes its way through soil and stone, breaking free from the darkness to see the light of day.

As this new form bursts forth it reaches to the Heavens and gives birth to flower; filling its core being with seeds of enrichment. As the head of the Sunflower cycles its energy to go back within, it sheds new growth opportunities all around from whence it came. Only to be reborn through sharing its enlightened state of being in each new season.

Spiritualism offers a belief in and an awareness toward a better way of life and understanding of the Universe through Natural Spiritual and Physical Laws.


Spiritualism teaches personal responsibility as we are held accountable for our own actions and are taught to accept others' paths without judgment.


Spiritualism shows proof of

the continuity of life through physical and mental forms of mediumship, offering healing through this process.


As we apply Spiritualism as a core belief system we honor and invoke the God-force within and all around us.