is a Universal Belief System

We embrace God as the I AM Presence in All That Is. We are all sparks of the Divine ~ everyone and everything. Each one of us is where we are meant to be along our Spiritual journey toward Universal truth, and there is no judgment.

is a Science

We focus on proving life eternal, through understanding vibration and being open channels for Universal healing energy. The process of mediumship provides factual evidence as it seeks to prove the continuity of life.

is a Philosophy

Living in accordance with these beliefs is a way of life and an awareness of being. Spiritualism offers an awakening toward living life to its fullest in accordance with the Physical and Spiritual Laws of the Universe.

              WHAT IS MEDIUMSHIP?

Our Principle #3 states that "The immortal Soul is eternal. While the body dies, the Spirit lives on". Spiritualists use Mediumship to prove the continuity of life and this leads us to the verification of Principle #4 which states that; "Spirit transcends dimension. All Souls, flesh and Spirit, communicate with each other".

Mediumship is fundamental to Spiritualism. Mediumship in itself can be extremely healing in that through its delivery we realize that those who have departed are not really isolated from us, and that we are never alone. Mediumship brings through messages of healing and inspiration as it proves the continuity of life.

A Medium is sensitive to energy and vibration beyond the physical senses. A Medium is one who communicates information and impressions from Spirit through clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, or a combination of these. A Medium is able to use one or more of these methods in relaying messages from those in Spirit to those who remain here in the physical.

Those in Spirit often see what is going on in our lives. They will not tell us what to do. We have free will and choice in the decisions that we make; for we are here to learn in the physical and no one can do that learning for us. A responsible Medium will never project negativity on an individual. Beyond proving that life continues after the physical change we call death the purpose as a Spiritual Medium is to bring messages from Spirit that are uplifting and offer healing.


Our bodies are remarkable instruments of information. We speak, we hear, we see, we feel, we taste; all without often putting a lot of thought into the automatic responses of these attributes that existing in a physical being presents. But truly, as we live and breathe we are energy and vibration. We have a vital etheric field called our aura that permeates and expands outward from our body. And as information filters through this energy field we can be affected in our physical being.

Those who serve as Healers in our Spiritual Services work as channels for the flow of Universal healing energy. Through the laying on of hands; placing the hands on the head and shoulders of the recipient, and through sending energy through their hands, our Spiritual Healers do not claim to be the ones doing the healing but instead are open and receptive as conduits for the flow of life force energy. The intention in opening to this energy is one of balance and wellbeing for the Highest and Best Good for each individual.  

Please note that the laying on of hands and energy healing work is never meant to replace medical instruction and guidance of a physician and is not to be used in place of Doctors' orders. 

Spiritualism offers a belief in and an awareness toward a better way of life and understanding of the Universe through Natural Spiritual and Physical Laws.


Spiritualism teaches personal responsibility as we are held accountable for our own actions and are taught to accept others' paths without judgment.


Spiritualism shows proof of

the continuity of life through physical and mental forms of mediumship, offering healing through this process.


As we apply Spiritualism as a core belief system we honor and invoke the God-force within and all around us.