Reverend Karen (Kary) Hays Biography

Almost 25 years ago now I first took step into a Spiritualist Service and I knew at that moment that I had found an opening toward healing and enlightenment. I remember being moved to tears and feeling so compelled by the concepts of Spiritualism that I had to learn more. I had opened a door to my Soul just a crack; little did I know then how expansive my studies would become, or where they would lead me. And once that door was opened and I stepped through it to search my Soul there's been no turning back. There's been no desire to go back! Once the heart is awakened love grows and encompasses All That Is. My enlightenment to this point has brought me to a state of awareness beyond anything I could have ever imagined. And the best part is I am still learning and growing in a process that is eternal as I open my mind and my heart to new concepts and understanding all the time.

A little bit about me;

I am blessed to be a mother of four and grandmother. All of my children, now young adults have been well on their way to becoming their own individuals as they find their personal paths toward exploration and joy. 

I find great peace to walk in the woods and am a lover of nature and the mountains and streams as my Great Dane and I connect with the I AM Presence in everything that is. The rocks and the trees all sing their beautiful songs of joy just to be, and to be in that Presence I am uplifted!

I love to create with pastels as a portrait artist specializing in pets... for a number of years now... more than I care to realize; because truly I feel very young and alive. Age is just a number and a concept anyway... right ?~!




I find great passion in teaching people to work with the Runes and read Tarot cards; as both offer Divine discovery of the self as Self on our Spiritual journey. I also work with Crystals, sound vibration and Reiki in energy modes toward healing.

A few years ago I purchased an Aura Imaging System and am photographing the colors and energy around people at events and at home parties; what fun!  


I have been blessed to lead a wonderful bellydance troupe called "Spirit in Motion"; because that is what we are as we connect with our inner Spirit in dance. I teach bellydance to women of all ages, shapes and sizes and find such joy as I watch others come alive with confidence as they tap into the beauty that they hold within themselves.

I moved around all my life, living in a total of almost thirty homes (I counted them all once!). I am blessed to have two parents that are loving and supportive of anything I endeavor to do. And have now set my roots in the beautiful New England. Life is good!

Sharing in all that I understand and am learning in the form of Spiritual awareness is my most true passion in life, because the enlightenment is not for us to hold on to but to pass on as the Universe is elated with those eager to become enriched in their very being. If I can pass on that feeling of jubilation to whomever is ready to receive then I am living my purpose.

In the Spirit of Love and Light,


Reverend Karen Hays








Spiritualism offers a belief in

and an awareness toward a

better way of life and

understanding of the Universe

through Natural Spiritual and

Physical Laws.


Spiritualism teaches personal

responsibility as we are held

accountable for our own

actions and are taught to accept

others' paths without judgment.


Spiritualism shows proof of

the continuity of life through

physical and mental forms of

mediumship, offering healing

through this process.


As we apply Spiritualism as a

core belief system we honor

and invoke the God-force

within and all around us.

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