Marilyn Doe

Marilyn HD Lightworkers

For private readings Marilyn can be reached at or (774) 202-9214

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Marilyn started her spirit journey at a young age. By age 7 she realized she was connecting in dreams with passed over relatives. Over the years she continued working with her mediumship skills and was able to connect outside of dreamtime as well. Marilyn wanted to learn more and help others. She has studied various Metaphysical Sciences with teachers here on the earth realm, as well as teachers in the spirit realm. Some of these studies include crystal and energy techniques, alchemy, shamanism, vision quests and the shifting of consciousness.

Marilyn’s readings are designed to uplift and connect the individual to their loved ones who transitioned to the other side. She also helps work with individuals to connect to their own inner wisdom and connection. Knowing and feeling our loved ones are still with us, and that they have just changed form, is comforting and healing.

Marilyn has worked in conjunction with various shops throughout New England teaching workshops and giving readings.

“We are all Mediums and connected with Source. Our Intuition is like a muscle, the more we use it, the stronger it becomes… Believe.” ~ M.HD

From Marilyn’s understanding and training in mediumship: I believe we are all mediums. I have been working with spirit from a young age and enjoy bringing through uplifting messages for people. I believe our energy transforms when we pass and it is healing to receive confirmations of our loved ones still around us.